Barcode Scan App

When you enter a 12-13 digit UPC, EAN or ISBN code, barcodescan will automatically search a variety of providers to find relevant data about your query. This provides super-fast access to user reviews, competing prices, and other details about the item. You can even email yourself or a friend with a link to remind yourself. Scan something in the past and want to see the information again? Recalling previous searches is fast and simple, so there is no need to scan the item again. Just check out the history and see when you scanned it and view all of the information. barcodescan pro is now available which has the capability to scan barcodes using the built in camera if you have a macro lens or autofocus capable device.


barcodescan has a large format keypad which simulates a barcode as you type in the digits of the barcode.

The app is free.

barcodescan pro

barcodescan pro has the capability to utilize iPhone’s camera to interpret a barcode just like a laser scanner at the supermarket. This functionality greatly reduces the time it takes to input an item and search for it’s information.

The app is priced at $4.99 in the US.

Q: Why doesn’t the app actually “scan” barcodes! I want to use my camera to find them!

A: Look for “barcodescan pro” on the app store! This version has the ability to use the device’s camera to automatically scan barcodes! (UPC, EAN-13 and ISBN only at this point.)

Q: I think you should add “feature x” to the app, when is that going to happen?

A: Probably not before you tell us about it! Email us at and we’ll add your feature into our roadmap.

Q: Roadmap? What’s on it? Can we see it?

A: Of course we have a roadmap! We’ve only implemented about 20% of the features we have planned. We designed the architecture of the app so it can be very flexible, adding functionality will be very easy and works consistently through the app and all of it’s versions. And no, you can’t see it. That would spoil the surprise!

Q: I types in a barcode and it didn’t find anything, why does that happen?

A: A variety of reasons. barcodescan searches a variety of sources and it it cannot find a result it will return an error. There is not an on-device database and everything must be pulled from an internet connect. Which, of course, means that if you are not connected to the web, the app can’t find any information. Furthermore, not every data source we use has an official API, which is an easy way for two computers to talk together, and we have to do some “translation” which sometimes introduces errors. If you find one of these please let us know!